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Ekobil Environmental Services and Consultancy Ltd.  (Ekobil) is based in Ankara, Turkey. to provide tailored solutions to customers since 1999. With more than a decade of hands on experience in the environmental consultancy business, Ekobil is now developing premium quality carbon projects and helping their customers differentiate their projects within many similar voluntary emission reduction projects. Ekobil is also helping their customers improve the sustainability aspects of their business, so that they get adapted to the new world trends.

Since July 2011 Ekobil is serving renewable energy sector in the development of their carbon projects in compliance with Verified Carbon Standard Plus Social Carbon Standard, and Gold Standard.

See the effect of voluntary carbon projects on Turkish business world:

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Today every nation's economy is highly dependent on fossil fueled electricyty production. This is making  economies vulnerable. Because we are depleting a source that was formed by very long geological processes and we are negatively effecting our climate that we become more and more vulnerable as we reach to a point when it will be too late to survive the climate extremes predicted by the scientists.
Renewable energy on the otherhand is produced from a source that will not deplete, and in general has either minor or no climate impact.
Energy is not easy to produce so make sure to use your energy efficiently. Support developing or advanced developing countries by buying offsets from renewable energy projects. And try to source a good portion  of your electricity from renewables. Visit our project pages.
Climate change is the greatest challenge humans are facing. All our activities are effected from the climate around us. As humans although we can grow and harvest crops in synthetically controlled rooms, such technologies are so expensive that most of the planets population is prone to be effected by climatic changes.
If we don't act today we will be unable to secure the future of our chlidren. Visit our project pages to see how you can contribute.
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