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​When providing an environmental service, or a consultancy service, Ekobil and all of its subcontractors and the project specific business partners will comply with the following code of conduct:


  1. Support the concept of sustainable development and environmental integrity.

  2. Ensure dealings are consistent with the highest professional standards at all times.

  3. Respect the confidentiality and privacy of clients at all times.

  4. Be truthful and accurate. Maintain ethical practices in the provision of services and adhere to recognised standards of fairness and personal integrity.

  5. Provide full and true disclosure of any interests, financial or otherwise, which if not disclosed to the client may raise a conflict of interest.

  6. Undertake not to carry out assignments which may be beyond the expertise and skills of the technical consultants of the Ekobil's network of consultants.

  7. Ensure that advisory and consultancy services are separated from auditing services and that conflicting situations involving provision of both these services to the same client are clearly avoided.

  8. Not enter into any other agreement which affects, either directly or indirectly, impartiality of advice or assistance provided to a client without the client's written approval

  9. Ensure that there is a mutual understanding between the client and the technical consultant on objectives, scope of work and deliverables of the project.

  10. Ensure activities are implemented in a timely manner in accordance with work plans agreed with clients.

  11. Comply with all regulatory and statutory requirements which may be applicable to the conduct of the consultants' activities and which are applicable in the jurisdiction of the client and/or the physical location of the work being undertaken.

Our Code of Ethics
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