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Profit for Purpose

Climate Change is effecting and is going to effect our entire planet. In this respect we have realized that during the course of adaptation, we humans we will be sacrificing local, domestic, heritage breed farm animals. We already observe the preferences of the farmers to change from local animal breeds to industrialized breeds.


According to Greenfire Farms LLC. (the prominent rare breed poultry sanctuary in USA), "Giant pandas, viewed by most people as the very symbol of endangered animals, currently number about 2,500 adults in the wild. Take half that number –about 1,300 individuals—and you have the global population of blue whales. Halve that number again and you’re describing the remaining population of mountain gorillas; about 650 secretive apes living deep in the forests of Rwanda. " Giving an example from a Sweedish chicken breed Green fire farms continous: "But, mountain gorillas are almost common compared to the number of Olandsk Dwarfs –a beautiful little chicken from Sweden– remaining in the world. In 1989 there were 54 of these birds on the planet, and today their number can be measured in the hundreds. "  The following poultry breeds that we are trying to protect have population numbers well below the above listed wild animals.


Comapring a wild animal to a farm animal one should also remember that a wild animal have the chance to move to new habitats and adapt, however the ancient heritage breeds that has become so rare have their faith within the lips of the farmer. It  is the farmer who decides to send them to the butcher or keeps them as a cultural heritage.


Taking into account that there is something we can do for such animals we have established a farm located in Manisa Turkey. So far we are protecting the following animal breeds:


  • Sakız "Chios" Sheep

  • Balkan Blue/Lavander Turkey

  • Gerze Chicken

  • Kosova Long Crawer


We are trying to breed and protect these animals. Prefer offseting with Ekobil or get a consultancy from Ekobil to support these rare heritage breeds.

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